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National Museum USD 24.75
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  • Inside the National Museum, Riyadh, you can find a captivating display of Saudi Arabia's culture in past and present forms. There are different types of antiques, manuscripts, documents and display boards that showcase an erstwhile era.

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has more than historical, archeological, cultural and scientific museums presenting the art life, old handicrafts, the old historical activity, antiquities, and diverse economic and commercial activities. The National Museum of Riyadh is most famous one in the KSA located in the middle part of King Abdul-Aziz Historical Center, which was established to be a cultural and civilization center highlighting the prominent history of Arabian Peninsula and its historical message of disseminating Islam. This Museum aims to introduce the KSA history with its role and fundamentals. Also, the Museum plays a major role in activating the tourism movement around the KSA, in general, and Riyadh, in particular, through visits either paid by the citizens and expatriates from inside the Kingdom or paid by delegations VIP characters from outside the Kingdom. The National Museum occupies seventeen thousand square meters from the eastern part of King Abdul-Aziz Historical Center. The Museum's two -storey building covers twenty-eight thousand square meters. This museum provides a modern educational environment for different segments of the local community and visitors of all ages and occupations such as children, families, researchers, specialists, and others


    Moreover, the Museum aims to reinforce its educational message via the collection, registration, restoration and preservation of antiquities. Also, it organizes educational exhibitions for the antiquities of the Arabian Peninsula and its traditional heritage during different eras. This Museum focuses on highlighting the prominent properties of each province around the KSA with displaying various exhibits within the framework of geographical and cultural unity. In addition, the Museum contains a number of educational aides that facilitate the understanding of information related to the relics, documents, manuscripts, and display boards. Also, the Museum provides multimedia presentations like documentaries and simulation programs that can be used for presenting the information about some historical incidents in an interesting manner. The Museum is distinguished for its comprehensive exhibits presenting a topic in a successive manner starting from the creation of the universe until the Modern Age with its main idea about the Arabian Peninsula. It consists of eight major halls each of which provides an independent objective presentation. These halls are arranged in a historical succession where each one has its own architectural design.

  • You will be able to discover traditional heritage during different eras in the Arabian Peninsula & Kingsom of Saudi Arabia.,

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