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Old Jeddah City Tour USD 82.50
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  • The port city of Jeddah on the Red Sea is a sight to behold. It is the Kingdom’s second largest city boasting the biggest waterfront area known as the Jeddah Corniche. Historic houses, hotels and sculptures line the streets of this popular tourist destination which serves as a gateway to the holy cities of Mecca and Medina.

    Ancient buildings and traditional souqs (markets) can be found in the old town called al-Balad and gates mark where the city wall once stood. Historic Jeddah is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which describes it as the “bride of the Red Sea” and notes its significance as an ancient trade city. It is famous for its multistory houses built out of coral. Tourists can also view the city’s mosques and wander around endless markets.

    Jeddah is surrounded by a wall with seven doors connecting the city to the outside world. These seven gates have been built in stages according to necessity and are known as Bab Makkah, Bab Al Madina, Bab Al Sharif, Bab Jadeed, Bab Al Bint and Bab Al Mughrabi. At the beginning of the century, a new gate was added called Bab Al Saba.

    It gained significance  when King Abdulaziz stayed there in 1925, hosted by Nasseef, when the people of Jeddah showed loyalty to the King Abdulaziz, may Allah bless his soul. Nasseef gave it as a gift to the state which in turn restored it many times.

    Jeddah's traditional customs

    ​Jeddah's customs, as the rest of the country, surround welcoming guests. When a guest arrives a Hijaz family will have decorated their house with lights, and some residents wear traditional dress  known only among Hijazi people. The host and his family will sing songs celebrating their guests. These rituals are aesthetic features of the city of Jeddah, during the month of Ramadan, especially in the central historic region where there is so much history which has been preserved beautifully.  

    • Visit Jeddah Gate. 
    • Walking tour inside the old town. 
    • Visit Nasif Museum. 
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